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Let’s start with the basics: Wonderful day to all of you, my name is Emily or Aurilupa, if you prefer that. I’m in my twenties and live in a small, cozy town in southern germany. Sounds peaceful, right? Well, I also share my life with a hyperactive dog, my similarly hyperactive better half and the crazy ideas in my head.

It was one of those ideas to combine my big passions in life, videogames and good food, and here we are: a website and multiple pictures, videos and posts on social media. That’s my life now, but it certainly started out very different.

After finishing school I was 1000% sure that I wanted to become a 3D-Artist for videogames. Spoiler alert: That didn’t work out.

I really enjoyed my studies, but I realized pretty soon, that I didn’t want to concentrate on a single project for months if not years.

Gaming as a whole means the world to me and the more contact with all the different people and games in the industry the better.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that I ended up as a videogame journalist, writing about the stuff I love so much. A couple years and lots of articles for various magazines later, I faced another dilemma.

I enjoyed my job, but really didn’t like the direction it was gravitating towards, all clicks no quality. So, I started looking for something new and found it in YouTube, where I first got to meet a lot of you guys.

Life was pretty good until I cooked dinner for someone important to me. He said afterwards: “It’s really a shame that you don’t make more out of your culinary abilities.”

Flip went the switch in my head. Why not? Life’s so short, why shouldn’t I try this? So I scrapped my previous plans and here I am. I combine my big passions, I’m happier than ever and I can share it with all of you. Can you imagine something better? 

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