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Carrot Fritters // Super Bunny Man

Happy Easter!!! No, I'm not particularly religious. Yes, I love this holiday! Perhaps it has to do with the fact that, unlike Christmas for example, it is in the middle of my favorite season: Spring!

For us, Easter always means a big family breakfast and then going on the hunt. We still do that, even if no one in this household passes as a child anymore. Finding snacks, sweets or similar little things in our garden sounds easier than it is, because we have become masters at hiding stuff. Some things don't show up until years later.

But enough about the day, let’s talk about food and the game that inspired today’s recipe. Some of you should know this somewhat obscure game from the last stream I did with my better half a while ago. For everyone else: Super Bunny Man is about as strange as the name suggests.

2-4 players hop through the landscape in rabbit costumes in search of a carrot that has to be transported to the target portal. The problem: no walking! You can only roll around weirdly and kick off the ground with your legs. Deadly spikes and chasms everywhere make things even more complicated, but also funnier

I swear, after 15min my stomach hurt from all the laughter. I know that's a cliché, but it's 100% true. We catapulted each other out of bounds, hung together in the strangest positions and lost the carrot embarrassingly often. Here are three excerpts from this madness:

Bunnies, Easter bunnies, Easter - the connection is understandable, right? Since it often gets stressful around the holidays, I thought to myself, I'm just making a little something. A braised whole rabbit or something would definitely be overkill, not to mention that I prefer these animals alive. That's why we have carrot fritters today! Most of you will have heard of potato hash browns, but my orange version is at least as tasty. Happy Easter everyone!


500g Carrots

1 Onion

5g Dried Parsley

5g Nutmeg

2 Eggs

5g Paprika powder

50g Flour

1 Garlic Clove

150g Yogurt

10ml Lemon Juice




  • peel and grate the carrots

  • peel the onion and dice it finely

  • mix carrot and onion with flour and egg

  • season the mixture with salt, pepper, nutmeg and paprika powder

  • heat a pan to medium/high temperature

  • pour some oil in the pan

  • form the carrot mixture into small fritters

  • fry them on both sides for 3-4 minutes until they are crispy

  • let the fritters cool slightly on a wire rack

  • prepare the dip meanwhile

  • peel and chop the garlic

  • mix garlic, yogurt and lemon juice

  • season the dip with salt and pepper

  • Guten Hunger!

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