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Chili Con Carne // El Hijo - A Wild West Tale

I learned Spanish in school for a couple of years, and I still know a couple chunks of it. That's why I know that El Hijo is Spanish for the son. Yay me? It’s also the name of the German indie game I’m talking about today.

Said son is your player character 90% of the time. A cheeky, nameless guy with a bird buddy, who is raised by his mother after the death of his father. Mama is a tough lady and teaches him all kinds of stealthy maneuvers and even how to use the slingshot. Not without reason, because the beautifully drawn Wild West of this game is anything but peaceful.

After bandits destroy the little house on the prairie, Mama takes el Hijo to a monastery for security reasons. But he/we don't like it there and go on the long, well almost 4-6h long journey to find our mother again.

That’s all there is to the story of El Hijo - A Wild West Tale. Actually a pretty classic spaghetti western plot, albeit with reversed parenting roles. Greatest peculiarity: there is no violence here.

You only use your slingshot as a distraction or to destroy obstacles and even the bandits only fire warning shots from their revolvers. To be honest, I found the bearish monks at the beginning of the game a lot more scary. And the greatest horror was the organ music during the chapel level! I HATE organ music !!!

None of the levels are really difficult, you can always tell that the target audience is on the younger side. There are tricky parts, but the most frustrating detail is probably the rather stupid opponent AI. Yes, in this game you are invisible in the shadows, but sometimes you can simply fool dogs, bandits and the like a little too easily.

However, I wasn't looking forward to El Hijo for almost three years, because I was looking for a challenge. I was curious about the graphics and the wordless story and I was pretty satisfied with those aspects by the end of the game. So satisfied that I wanted to make a recipe for it!

Is there a dish that fits the Wild West fantasy better than a strong chili? I can imagine that the mother of this game cooked something like this for her son every now and then, but was her version as good as mine? I boldly declare: "Never!"


500g Ground Beef

1 Onion

2 Garlic Cloves

80g Tomato Paste

150ml Black Coffee

150ml Beef Broth

400g Can of Peeled Tomatoes

150g Can of Corn

400g Can of Kidney Beans

5g Baking Cocoa

3g Cumin

15g Salt

3g Ground Coriander

Chilli Flakes

  • peel onion and garlic and cut both into small pieces

  • put a large saucepan on high heat

  • add the minced meat and start browning it

  • add onion and garlic when you can hardly see any pink

  • continue to stir fry everything

  • mix the tomato paste into the minced meat

  • deglaze the mixture with the broth and the coffee

  • stir and bring the chilli to a boil

  • add the canned, peeled tomatoes

  • season with ground coriander, cumin, salt and baking cocoa

  • add chilli flakes to taste and stir

  • drain the kidney beans and corn

  • add the beans and corn into the chili

  • Let everything simmer for ~30min till the desired consistency

  • Guten Hunger!

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