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Dauntless Update // Goat Cheese Tartes

Dauntless is a special kind of...behemoth, well, that is after all the name of the big monsters you slay in this free2play game. Some call it Monster Hunter clone, others say it's repetetive and I'm sure, that some even call it pay2win. Not me though, but my love for this game mostly stems from the fact, that I got to meet the passionate developers of Phoenix Labs-

The first teaser was shown at E3 2017 and the game came such a long way since then. I'm not happy about every decision, but I had and have some amazing hunts with friends. Plus, it's impressive what was added to Dauntless since its initial release: new weapos, new armour, new behemoths, new islands, new modes, new platforms and now, even a new hub.

Ramsgate now really looks like a city and not just a bunch of houses stuck together. Big City Life! The blacksmiths and merchants now each have their own building or even whole areas and even a couple new faces joined the fun.

Maybe you think bigger city means longer walks, but nope, there's aether vents everywhere and it's way to much fun to just catapult yourself from A to B to C and back again.

One of the new additions is the renovated Tavern and this place is where I came up with todays recipe. Ramsgate doe not only carry the "ram" in its name, there are also a bunch of goats chilling all over the city, so goat cheese was really a given and because the new Ramsgate really deserves something special: How about some fancy goat cheese tartes?


6 goat cheese coins

½ onion

5g butter

100g sour cream

1 egg

1Pck pre-made puff pastry

4 small thyme twigs




  • preheat your oven to 220C (top/bottom heat)

  • take the leaves off the thyme twigs

  • peel and cut the half onion and add it and the butter to a microwavable bowl

  • microwave on high for 30sec, stir once and repeat

  • mix sour cream, egg, salt, pepper,and half ofthe thyme

  • cut the puff pastry into four equally sized squares

  • line a muffin tray with parchment paper squares

  • put the dough pieces into the muffin forms, so it works as a nest for the filling

  • put a goat cheese coin into each nest and distribute the onions evenly.

  • pour the egg mix into the forms

  • bake the tartlets in the lower third of your oven for 15-20min till they’re brown

  • take the muffin tray out and let everything cool a bit

  • lift the tartelets out of their forms carefully

  • drizzle them with honey and sprinkle with the remaining thyme

  • Guten Hunger!

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