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Imposter Cream Puffs // Among Us

Video games: creators and destroyers of friendships since they began taking over the world a couple of decades ago. I met awesome people through shared adventures in Guild Wars or World of Warcraft or forged bonds with other Pokémon Trainers. Obviously, there’s the other side of the coin. Vicious Mario Kart races turning the living room into a war zone or rounds of League of Legends, so salty you’d never have to buy NaCl ever again. Among Us is special, because it falls in both of these categories.

The concept is deceivingly simple: a group of players is placed on a spaceship. It’s your job to keep this problem prone vessel together and return to civilization, but oh oh, that’s not everything. One of the crewmates has been replaced by an alien, a parasitic shape shifter, an Imposter. Their goal is to sabotage the ship and kill every last member of the crew before the ship reaches home.

The good guys have to spend their time fixing the problems this Imposter caused, all while figuring out who IS the Imposter. The catch: There is no talking up until the point a body is found. Now the fun starts! Who saw anything? Was red really where he said he was? Did yellow just crawl into a vent, which only imposters can do? Find the bad guy and the round is over, you win!

To be honest, in my experience Among Us sucks when played with random people. The debate phase can get insanely frustrating and downright annoying if members of your crew are just trolling. Don’t get me wrong: the imposter is meant to deceive, lie and frame others, but somebody that doesn’t really want to play or that takes pleasure in ruining the game for others just sucks in this scenario.

Get a group of friends together and you’ll have the time of your life! After all, there’s nothing better than accusing and sabotaging your buddies, right? Schadenfreude is the greatest joy! And you can actually experience some of that with today's recipe as well.

My choux puffs are filled with two different creams, but they look the same from the outside. I got to admit that I was tempted to use toothpaste for one of them or something, but I decided against it. Food should always be delicious! So now you’ll only have to worry whether you end up with a sweet puff or a savoury imposter.



250ml Water

1 Pinch salt

1 Pinch sugar

50g Butter

150g Flour

4 Eggs


250g Yogurt

250ml Whipping Cream

70g Cherry Tomatoes

1 Twig Basil

5g Salt

15g Sugar

70g Raspberries

1 Twig Mint

  • boil the water with salt, sugar and butter in a pot

  • add the flour all at once and start stirring immediately

  • “burn” the mix while stirring vigorously

  • stir until a lump forms and the pot bottom is covered with a white layer

  • transfer the dough to a bowl and let it cool slightly

  • preheat the oven to 220C degrees top / bottom heat

  • place an oven-safe container with water in the oven

  • work one egg after the other thoroughly into the batter

  • mix until it is smooth and shiny

  • pour the batter into a piping bag or freezer bag with a cut-off corner

  • pipe small piles onto a baking tray lined with baking paper

  • bake the cream puffs for ~20min till they’re golden and double their size

  • halve them once they are lukewarm

  • let the puffs cool completely and take care of the filling

  • pour the whipping cream in a bowl

  • start mixing it at the lowest level and slowly increase the speed

  • add the yogurt as soon as the cream is stiff

  • mix everything thoroughly and divide the mixture into two bowls

  • finely chop the basil and mint

  • mix salt and basil into one bowl and mint and sugar into the other

  • fill half of the cream puffs with sweet yoghurt cream and a raspberry

  • fill the other half with salty yoghurt cream and a halved cherry tomato

  • Guten Hunger!

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