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Kiwi Cucumber Salad with Sesame Feta // Biomutant

I don’t have much to say today, because this is one of my extended videos, where I'm actually talking. So I'll save on written text and let you enjoy the spoken stuff.

Without further ado, feast your eyes on my newest recipe and my opinion on the ever-polarizing Biomutant. A fantasy Kung-Wung-Whatever-Fu fable in a post-apocalyptic world with bastion-style narration and a very unique take on character creation. I love me some rabid racoon on speed action...almost as much as I like the kiwi cucumber summer salad I came up with as a recipe to go with this game.


40ml Oil

20ml Lemon Juice

2 Garlic Cloves

200g Feta

1 Cucumber

50g Sesame Seeds

100g Yoghurt

1 Egg

3g Dill 4 Small Kiwis



  • peel the kiwi

  • cut two into thin slices

  • cut two into chunks

  • wash the cucumber

  • half it and cut out the watery seeds

  • cut half into chunks

  • cut half into thin slices

  • peel and dice the garlic

  • prepare the Dressing in the salad bowl

  • mix half the oil, the lemon Juice and the yoghurt

  • salt and pepper generously

  • add the garlic

  • combine the dressing ingredients

  • add the kiwi and cucumber, but do not mix yet

  • cut the feta into cubes

  • crack the egg into a bowl and beat it

  • dip the feta into the egg and then into the sesame

  • add rest of the oil to a pan on medium high heat

  • place the cubes in the pan

  • flip them when the bottom has browned

  • take them out when they are crispy from both sides

  • combine the salad with the dressing

  • add the sesame feta

  • Guten Hunger!

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