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Ring Fit Adventure // Feta & Mince Spiral Pie

Did you also eat a little too much over the holidays? Then now is the perfect time to get Ring Fit Adventure. Don't be put off by the fitness ring, that reminded you of your mother's Pilates ring!

Nintendo created something pretty unique and pretty great again. This game is not a run-of-the-mill sports game in which you work through one stupid exercise after the next, preferably with a virtual trainer who bullies you, because you are not fast enough.

The packaging already greets you with the phrase "You only get one body - take care of it." Don't get me wrong, after a round of Ring Fit Adventure I am often half dead and totally sweaty. What awaits you here is no “let's just have fun” nonsense, but also no fitness torture.

Muscle-packed and uninterrupted training is also available here in the form of Dragaux. This dragon guy is the clishé gym rat ... and the boss villain of Ring Fit Adventure. Not a typical role for the well-trained muscle man, but very appropriate in a game that preaches a more relaxed, playful approach to getting in shape.

Your task is to collect the skills of your circular mentor, aptly named Ring, and defeat Dragaux. The path to this goal is long, but thankfully varied: you jog through colorful levels, defeat Dragaux's servants in so-called fit battles (squats, yoga positions, planking, etc. are your attacks here), collect ingredients for smoothies, improve your equipment, learn new skills and face mini-game bonus challenges.

A real RPG, only that you don’t click your skills, you have to perform them yourself. While playing I had the thought that the concept would be the perfect crossover base for other games. Jog through the Mushroom Kingdom as Peach or Mario, catch Pokémon instead of collecting ingredients or fight a Fit Battle against Ganon as Link, instead of just thrashing him with the master sword.

I had (and have) so much more fun with Ring Fit Adventure than I expected and I hope it doesn't stay a one-hit wonder. The question if people like it has already been answered by its constant sold-out status over the past few months. Until we hear of a sequel or a spin-off at some point, I'll keep having fun with it and nibble on my ring afterwards.

Not on the ring controller, don't worry, but on a crispy, golden yufka ring, circle, snail, spiral ... thing filled with feta and minced meat. My inspiration this time is rather obvious, right? If you want something a little richer, you can also replace the yufka dough with filo dough - I’m not going to judge anyone.

If you crave some freshness, you can combine this dish with a cucumber salad or yoghurt dip; or with both, why not? This dish tastes best lukewarm, right after training, when the muscles are groaning a bit and the endorphins are still racing through the body ... but it’s obviously also delicious any other time.


400g yufka dough triangles

400g feta cheese

300g minced meat (pork+beef)

3 eggs

50g sesame

100g sour cream

40ml lemon juice

10g fresh parsley

4 cloves of garlic



paprika powder


  • chop the parsley

  • peel the garlic cloves and cut them finely

  • put the garlic and in a medium-high heat pan with a little oil and roast till golden

  • add the minced meat and fry everything until no more pink is visible

  • season with salt, pepper and paprika powder

  • stir in the parsley and take the pan off the stove

  • let the minced meat mixture cool down

  • cut the sheep cheese into small cubes

  • preheat the oven to 170C degrees top / bottom heat

  • blend/puree feta, 2 eggs, sour cream and lemon juice

  • put one of the dough triangles down with the broad side facing you

  • place 2 tbs of feta mix and 1 tbs of minced meat on the wide side of the dough

  • roll everything away from you into a tight roll

  • cut the roll in half with a sharp knife

  • repeat the process with the remaining triangles

  • line a sheet with baking paper and form a spiral out of the half-rolls

  • whisk the leftover egg and brush the rolls thoroughly with it

  • push the tray into the oven and bake for 20 minutes

  • brush everything with egg again and sprinkle the spiral with sesame

  • put the sheet pan in the oven for about 20 more minutes

  • cover the spiral with aluminum foil if it gets too dark too soon

  • take out the tray when all the rolls are nice and golden

  • Guten Hunger!

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