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Windbound Preview // Stuffed Pork Rolls

Did you know the Disney movie Moana is called Vaiana in Europe, because Moana has been trademarked by a italian adult film actress? That's your daily piece of "usefull" trivia right there. While Windbound has nothing to do with pornography, it has a lot to do with Vaiana.

Kara is also a young women from a culture influenced by various polynesian ones and spends her time sailing the sea, well, she will once Windbound releases august 28th for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

This game is at it's core open world survival with all the associated mechanics: fighting things, crafting things, eating things; in case of emergency even some raw stuff, but no worries, I won't bother you with carpaccio or tartare...for now. Quite differen from Ark: Survival Evolved, Conan Exiles und all the others, windbound is a offline solo adventure.

You don't have tents or houses in this game. Your base is your boat, which has the big benefit, that you don't have to rebuild every time you reach a new island. And you hop islands a lot, it's the core gameplay loop of Windbound. Travel from island to island, expore ruins, fight some strange creatures, interact with strange glowy monuments, rinse and repeat.

Something I wouldn't believe if it weren't for a developer confirming it. Windbound was originaly meant to be a way more traditional landbased game. The idea of "I want to see what's out there on the ocean." came later and I must say, that I'm glad it came at all, because it gives the game such a unique stage. Although I must admit, that I cursed the sailing mechanics at the beginning. A bit too realistic for my taste, but it got better.

If your stomach is growling on your journey, your stamina will drop as well, so you better find some food. So let's see: on my starting islands there are berries, mushroooms and some boar-like animals. We can work with that!

Today's dish are pork rolls filled with champignons and cranberries. Kara would probably be able to produce something very similar, but I bet, my version will taste better!


400g pork loin

15g dried cranberries

150g champignons

200ml cream

300ml broth

½ onion

30g butter




  • clean the mushrooms and peel the onion

  • cut onion, mushrooms and cranberries into small pieces

  • if the pork loin is not pre-cut, cut it into 5-10mm thick steaks

  • pound the steaks till they are double their initial size, so you have more space for filling

  • put a pan on medium heat, add a third of the butter and sautée the onion cubes

  • when they get translucent add another 10g of butter and the mushrooms

  • increase the temperature and stir till the butter is gone and everything is shiny

  • add a third of the broth to the pan and cook and stir until the liquid is gone

  • take the pan of the oven

  • add the berries and ca 2 tbs mushroom mix each onto the short ends of your steaks

  • roll the meat and put them on a plate seam down, so they don’t open up

  • put the last piece of butter into a pan and fry the rolls seam down, then all other sides

  • set the rolls aside in a warm place

  • pour the remaining broth into the pan you fried the meat in

  • add the cream and any remaining mushroom mix

  • flavour with salt, pepper and nutmeg

  • reduce the sauce to your desired consistency, cooking on medium to high heat

  • Guten Hunger!

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